Leading the Way in Joint Replacement

With the vast resources of North Shore-LIJ Health System, one of the largest health networks in the nation, our joint replacement surgeons work at the leading edge of technological innovation in the treatment of the hip and knee diseases and disorders.

Our joint replacement doctors bring the most promising orthopaedic procedures to the operating room every day, backed by our own extensive research studies. Our orthopaedic research scientists and practitioners are constantly shedding new light and offering new hope for patients with chronic knee and hip pain.

World-Class Orthopaedic Care

Our joint replacement doctors have the full dedicated support of an orthopaedic "best of class" team of anesthesiologists, nurses, radiologists and rehabilitation specialists. Together, they have all the resources to give our patients the most successful treatments and outcomes for their joint problems.

At the Leading Edge of Joint Replacement Technology

Highly trained joint replacement surgeons perform leading-edge surgical procedures that take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in joint replacement technology, such as:

  • Gender-specific knee replacements – Subtle differences in women's anatomy have led to the development of gender-specific knee replacement implants. The new implants reflect the differences in the contours of the ends of women's thighbone (femur) and lower leg bone (tibia) that form the knee joint and provide a better fit.
  • Patient-specific instrumentation – This new technology delivers custom-fit knee replacements because every individual's knees are different. The orthopaedic surgeon uses an MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) to capture the true anatomy of the patient's knee, then computer-generates a detailed surgical plan including customized instrumentation that shows exactly how the new knee should be placed. This breakthrough technology aligns all the cuts made in the bone which perfectly aligns the knee replacement.
  • Minimally invasive techniques – Using much smaller incisions than tradition open surgery, arthroscopic surgery allows our surgeons to perform total hip and knee replacements as well as other types of repairs to the knee and hip joints as well as the surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons. An arthroscope is a small tube, thinner than a pencil, that has a system of lenses, a light and a small video camera. The surgery results in less pain and trauma for patients, faster recovery and better post-operative outcomes.
  • Revision surgery – Prosthetic joints used in joint replacement surgery have a finite lifespan.. When that time comes, revision surgery replaces previous worn-out joint replacements. These revision surgeries are even more complex than the original surgery and demand the highest level of surgical skills that very orthopaedic surgeons such as ours can provide.
  • Anterior approach to hip replacement surgery – The anterior approach means that the surgeon reaches the hip by going between two muscles, rather than by removing and then reattaching a muscle. This can allow for less post-operative pain and faster rehabilitation and recovery.

Awarding-winning Patient Care

  • Receipient of Joint Commission's Disease-Specific Care Certification – Several hospitals in North Shore-LIJ Health System have received this prestigious certification for healthcare quality in hip and knee replacement surgery. The disease-specific certification for both hip and knee has been given to only a very small number of hospitals in New York state. The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits and certifies more than 19,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States.
  • Recipient of BCBS' Blue Distinction Designation – Blue Cross-Blue Shield has recognized North Shore-LIJ's Orthopaedic Institute for historically demonstrating quality clinical care and processes in hip and joint replacement services.

Rehabilitation Services
The goal of the Rehabilitation Network of North Shore-LIJ Health System is to help you find pain relief and get moving again after an accident, illness, injury or surgery. We’re your partner in a safe, healthy, more rapid recovery.


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